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Elmer Request – School Project

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    Laurel, AJ6AS

    I’m beginning a year-long school project to design and build a radio and antenna, preferably for HF but really any working transceiver, and get my Extra license. I’m looking for someone who can help me with circuit and radio design, and possibly help me build the radio itself, meeting once or twice a month for about an hour or so. Currently I have a friend who is an Extra and knows about electronics who can help me, and a teacher at my school who is also an Extra and can help with programming if I need it. Technically the project should be completed by April if I want to show it at a school exhibition, but any progress can be shown so it doesn’t have to be complete.


    Hi Laurel,
    I will be happy to help, within my limited free time. If you want we can discuss your project.
    I also have quite a few things I am planning to build and if you are interested you are welcome to join. With Neil and Gabe we discussed in the past the idea of a “maker’s club” but we have not met very regularly so far.
    This will be fun and no worries about the Extra license you can do it.


    I picked up a 75m, SSB transceiver kit a while back. It was fun to put together and relatively easy. There are maybe two adjustments that are a little fussy and help from an Elmer might be needed. The finished radio is useful and works quite well. All you need to add is a battery and simple wire antenna.

    Visit for the details and you can download the instructions.

    Nick, K6NBP

    If you’re interested (or if anyone else who’s reading is interested), I have a couple books for studying for the Extra exam to give away:
    – No-Nonsense Extra class study guide (KB6NU)
    – ARRL Extra Q&A (not the full ARRL study guide) — incorrect answers have been crossed out

    David, KM6DOV

    I can hunt down my Gordon West Extra Class CDs if anyone learns better like this. His course worked great to get my Technician ticket. I used BAEARS for General, and I’m sort of stalled out on taking my Extra exam because life is sucking up my weekends for now. If you’d like to borrow my CDs, let me know. Maybe we could track all the books that we’re willing to loan out as a SC4ARC distributed library.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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