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Echelon Gran Fondo Ride – Sunday, Sep 16

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    This cycling group is requesting 7-8 volunteers for this event.  For details about the ride, see



    The SC4ARC meeting is the day before this ride, and the HMB Marathon

    is the following weekend.  Last year, the only support we offered was

    the use of the repeater (for which they gave us $250).


    I would like to know if anyone in the group is interested in helping with

    this event.  I would like to let the organizers of the ride know as soon

    as I can whether or not we can help out.







    It would be nice to have a map of the route/s and exactly where they want operators to be. I went to the event link and the Bike Hut and Tunitas/Skyline is mentioned. Also, what are the hours of the event?



    The ‘Event Guide’ link has a pdf file with everything you’d ever want to know.

    I’m just trying to get a feel for whether or not we can support this event.

    If there’s interest, I will distill the info and send it out.  They do seem to

    be very well organized, judging by the guide.  All rides start at 8.  I think

    they’re expecting us to position some people on the other side of the hill,

    as well as Tunitas, the Pescadero Church, in SAG wagons, and one or two

    net control operators.  They’ll take any number of volunteers they can get,

    even if we can’t support it as a group.




    I posted info about times and routes in our event calendar:  Look for Echelon Gran Fondo on September 16.


    Has anybody ever tried a cross band using our repeater and the county EMS? It sounds like we need a set up similar to the last bike event.  Have we asked HMB ARES if they would like to assist?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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