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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

COVID-19 testing

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    Casey, KA5WAX

    From tonight’s net –
    The County is providing free COVID-19 to all.
    You do not have to be in the previous high priority categories, altho those individuals remain in the highest priority group as testing schedules are worked out.

    * testing at San Mateo Event Center, and shortly 2 other sites ( Daly City and EPA )
    * we’re trying to work out testing in this region as well, but there are complicating issues.
    * this is not the back-of-the-sinus cavity test, it’s more akin to wiping your nose.
    * and you need to register with an email account. There is still some debate asto wether or not that email account needs to be a GMAIL account.
    * this really is more along the line of surveillance testing – trying to get an idea of how widespread the infection is. Should you test positive you will be re-tested. Should you test positive expect mandatory quarantine.
    * the county has a goal of doing about ? 1800 ? tests a day. ( from memory, my notes are elsewhere ) and only recently has had the capacity.
    * the State keeps turning down the County’s request to expand testing using its own testing protocols, so this is currently the only free route.
    ** remember your health care provide may also be able to provide testing now that the test materials are starting to flow in.
    * I don’t recall the false positive rate for this test.

    Now to be clear this is part of a study, and if you are one to read the fine print you will see that you will be sharing personal information with 3rd parties. Beyond that the testing host organization isn’t required to adhere to HIPAA, altho they state their data hygiene procedures exceed HIPAA.

    I signed up Wednesday and got a Friday date. All elected folks were encouraged to take the test to help explain the procedures.

    If I’ve messed some of that info up just correct it in comments. there are a lot of details flying around these days.

    ( [edit] – clarification on the use of personal physicians and health insurance programs )

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