Countywide CERT Simplex Drill January 9, 2016

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    The CERT Communicators’ meeting on October 22 included plans for another simplex communications drill this coming January 9, 2016. The proposed drill includes 6m simplex testing/operation as well as 2m. Please review the notes I’ve uploaded to the library. If you have comments or suggestions; You should submit them before November 1 for inclusion in the final plan.


    There will be a countywide, simplex drill January 9, 2016. Thanks to your input this time it will include 6m as well as 2m frequencies. You can download the proposed plan from our library:

    Please review the plan and make any suggestions for changes here before Sunday, November 1. That’s this Sunday, folks. Day after tomorrow. Last chance to speak now or else hold your peace…

    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks, Peter. I’ve got it in the calendar and plan to participate. Last simplex drill net control stuck to the script, and things went well. That would be my only suggestion for this event.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    My recommendations are similar to Neil’s:
    1) Stick to the script so beginners aren’t confused by last minute changes.
    2) Net control _must_ stay off the simplex frequency. This allows all stations to report on other stations heard, similar to what has worked for the HF nets with the RedCross and ARES Groups.
    3) An ICS 309 log should be requested in the script/directions, unless it’s already listed there. The Jan 1015 directions didn’t mention one.

    Jack, KK6MLA

    Thanks Peter, I will be monitoring (have only a 5 W radio) and look forward to hearing the Net.
    By the way, the September issue of QST magazine has an article entitled “A Generalized Structure for Deployment Planning”. I cut it out and it looks pretty good. I think a combined example of this article and the Chicago Marathon net plan are good exam examples to derive our net plan from or adjust our net plan to. I haven’t seen one for our club yet. We have frequencies and the frequency plan now a good net plan is in order.


    Thank you, all. I forwarded your suggestions and added: Since we don’t know the coverage of the 6m, N6ZX repeater we should coordinate the 6m tests on the KC6ULT and WA6TOW, 2m repeaters. We don’t expect many 6m participants so it would be easy for net control to ask if the remote will participate with a 6m transmission and, if “yes,” then do the 2m and 6m tests in the same turn. Net control does not need 6m capability to do this.


    Peter, will the 6m test be on LTAC94, and if so, will it be LSB?


    From the notes I uploaded the primary simplex frequency is 52.0200 MHz, FM and the secondary simplex frequency is 52.0400 MHz, FM.

    Two things to note: The plan calls for operating FM, not AM/Single Side Band. Above 10 MHz, when operating Single Side Band, it is customary to use USB for voice.

    Unless the plan changes we will operate FM.


    So sorry, I should have checked the Plan before asking the question. I just keep getting thrown by the requirement in Las Cumbres that 6m be LSB. Not only doesn’t it match what I’ve read, but it also means that we can’t use our handheld or 8900. I will ask them again why they require this; maybe this time I’ll understand the answer.


    This just in from the CERT simplex people:

    We are all set for the simplex drill on the morning of January 9th for 2 meter and 6
    meter. You can register for either or both drills at Just send an email with your city location and the nets you will participate in. You will receive an email back with a link to everything you need to participate. documents can be dowloaded or printed from the link. Thank you.

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