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    It would be great to have folks turn out for the county wide, Sheriff’s Comm. net Tuesday night at 8PM on the new repeater. Your participation will help us test its coverage.

    Here are the frequencies for the net:
    CTL91 146.925 (-) CTCSS: 114.8 Montara Mountain
    CTL93 146.865 (-) CTCSS: 114.8 Pise Peak
    [NEW!] 146.805 (-) CTCSS: 114.8 Towne Ridge

    The new repeater is well situated for coverage over Branch 3 and is linked to CTL93 (146.865 repeater) so you will hear everyone using CTL93 and they will hear you. Use whichever one is best for your location. I’ll incorporate this into the Coastside Frequency plan shortly, but wanted to send out this breaking news so you can try the new repeater right away.

    We’ll also hold a radio programming session very soon to update radios with this and with a few other, small changes that I’ll cover in a separate post.


    I just got word from OES: “The 865 link has been reestablished and after much testing on Saturday & Sunday, appears to be working very well. I plan to be in La Honda on Tuesday evening for the 8PM net to conduct some additional testing and site surveys.”

    Please do plan to participate in the Tuesday night, Sheriff’s Comm. net at 8PM. Details are in the previous post in this thread. It is useful for us to know the coverage that this new repeater affords us: The more people who use this, the more data that we will have.


    I am in the process of programming two 8900s. Do you have a name / label for new repeater yet? Would like to include that in the programming. Thanks.


    I’ve given the new, linked repeater the label CTL95. CTL95D will be the direct, simplex on the output frequency. I submitted the addition to OES and I believe the final version of the county-wide plan will be published shortly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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