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Discussion of general interest including club business and events. Please post ARES discussion in the SC4ARES group.

Congratulations to Angelo

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    If you didn’t hear, for service during the fires, Angelo was recognized for his contributions as ARES coordinator and has been awarded the ARRL Certificate of Merit. Irma reminds me that some folks Don’t get the newsletter, so here it is quoted in full, my emphasis added

    Section News — ARRL Santa Clara Valley — September 1, 2020

    I hope that you’re all doing well !

    To be sure, Northern California has recently undergone profound and
    often alarming environmental changes. With several active wildfire
    zones, air pollution rose to especially dangerous levels, prompting
    multiple Spare-the-Air alerts here. There has been widespread
    destruction of mountain homes, grassland, and forested areas. Many
    residents were forced to evacuate. Tragically, there were also

    In the midst of all of this were our crack ARES teams, which quickly
    deployed with expert-level emergency communications assistance. Teams
    headed by Angelo / K6QAD, Robert / KJ6FFP, and Louis / NJ6H provided a
    consistently high level of communications support during a rapidly
    escalating situation. Michael / N6MEF also kept me posted as to the
    ARES operations in San Jose.

    In light of the extraordinary contributions of these respective groups
    on the front lines, I’ve issued ARRL Certificates of Merit.
    Watch for
    an upcoming article on these significant events by our section Public
    Information Coordinator, Ms. Suellene Petersen / K6CPA. On behalf of
    the Santa Clara Valley section, thank you all, and congratulations !

    The League welcomes your ongoing public service reports. Data submitted
    through this online form is sent directly to ARRL Headquarters in

    Call for Section Appointments — there are a great many station level,
    and section level appointments available to you here. If you’d like to
    volunteer, I can process your application through the ARRL server, in
    short order. A comprehensive listing of assignments is available here

    As you may be aware, we continue a search for a Section Emergency
    Coordinator. If you’re
    interested in this challenging assignment, please contact me for further
    information, and discussion. Also open at this time are the positions
    Section Traffic Manager, Official Relay Station, and Official Emergency

    Two new Emergency Coordinators have recently joined the Santa Clara
    Valley section — David / WB7WBB, and Cecil / KB7CLC. Congratulations
    and welcome aboard, gentlemen !

    Remote amateur radio examination opportunities are now available: in
    what may be a first in our section, the San Benito County Amateur Radio
    Association is now offering virtual amateur radio exams, with an
    impressive track record. Thanks Tim / W6TST, for this reference.

    Test / Train

    ARRL contests are rapidly approaching — please visit the calendar here There’s a VHF contest in early
    September, and Sweepstakes / CW in November. Also, the 160 meter
    contest, in December.

    Do you wind HF coils ? Log-in to the ARRL website and you’ll see a
    design for a reduced-size half-sloper for 160 meters that I use at the
    home QTH

    Wishing you all the best. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    de NV6W

    ARRL Santa Clara Valley Section
    Section Manager: Mr James D Armstrong Jr, NV6W

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