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CalFire withdrawing support for ham radio

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    David, KM6DOV
    CalFire is beginning to impose technical analysis fees of $2500, lease initiations from $3000-5000 and annual leases while removing ham radio from the state emergency communications plan. See page 11 of the linked document where Lorina Pisi, in CalFire’s Technical Services department claims that ham radio is no longer necessary due technical advances in communications. Since our repeater is on private land, this isn’t an issue for our organization, but this change in focus should concern us all.


    Mary, AF6IE

    OMG what stupidity! It’s all about the $$$, not human lives. This is something that requires letters to our representatives. Right?


    David, KM6DOV

    I think letters to our representatives are certainly in order, but this letter seems to have been written by an unelected bureaucrat inside CalFire. If a letter came from the county ECs, it would have more impact, but I don’t know who it should go to.


    Angelo, N6QAD

    Hi all,
    I looked around on the web and there is no other source for this than a video on YouTube. I won’t comment on the content of the video.
    I forwarded the document to ARRL asking if they new more. The official answer is:

    “The ARRL is aware of this situation and it is being reviewed by appropriate personnel.”

    So this means to me that ARRL is investigating and they have nothing to comment yet.
    We’ll see how things develop.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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