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    Rain, at last! By now you’ve heard of the atmospheric rivers (ARs) forecast to bring much-needed rain to Northern California, especially this Sunday through Monday. Please review the following information carefully and prepare for future events as well as the one that is on our doorstep.

    Prepare for the storms
    Have sufficient food and water for yourself and your pets to last for several days.
    Pick up any prescription medication you may need before the storm hits.
    Charge your electronic devices and check your flashlight and radio batteries.
    Have repair supplies available.
    Be aware of changing conditions and monitor your local media for weather alerts and updates.
    If the rain gets serious and you are able, please check on your neighbors.

    Sandbag locations
    Sandbags are available at locations listed below. The sand and bags are provided for free but you must self-fill the sandbags with sand, so bring gloves, closed toe shoes or boots, and appropriate protective work wear.
    La Honda at the County Public Works Corp Yard, 59 Entrada Way.
    Pescadero at the Pescadero High School, 350 Butano Creek Cutoff.
    Please, only take what you plan to use for protection of your personal property.

    Reminders for severe weather preparedness:
    If you are operating a vehicle, please review the following tips:
    Vehicle maintenance up to date
    All tire tread in good condition for all weather
    Windows clean inside and out
    Windshield wipes in good condition
    Avoid areas subject to sudden flooding
    Do not attempt to drive (or walk) across running water that is more than a few inches deep
    Avoid driving in water into which downed electrical or power lines have fallen
    Avoid hydroplaning by driving slowly and keeping your tires correctly inflated

    Don’t forget to accomplish the following if possible
    Clear rain gutters
    Repair roof leaks
    Cut away tree branches that could fall on your house
    Rock and mudslides on mountain roadways are likely. Reduce your speed, turn on your headlights and be aware of your surroundings.

    Travel could be very difficult with some roads covered by water and tree debris.

    Turn around, do not drown.

    Series of wet storms or large downpours, can saturate soil and overwhelm drainage systems leading to flooding and possible debris flows.
    Prior to storms moving in, please pay attention to media and stay in touch with your neighbors in case there is an evacuation warning or order.
    All Hazard NOAA Weather Radios (NWR) can give continuous weather updates and alerts
    Sign up for emergency alerts with San Mateo County SMC Alert
    Everyone should “Know Your Zone”, especially if you live below the burn scar area. Evacuation zones include debris flow areas and areas that could be cut off by debris flow. Lookup your location here, at Zonehaven:,-122.31722531059694&z=11.491406615912883&selected=SMC-E022
    Debris flows are fast-moving rivers of mud, boulders, tree and other debris, and can be deadly. These occur after wildfires and can be triggered even by short bursts of intense rainfall.
    You cannot outrun a debris flow, and they can cut off road access for potentially weeks.
    To avoid catastrophe, everyone should take evacuation orders extremely seriously. Make a plan now (see Rescues will be based on conditions and may not always be possible.
    There will likely be multiple evacuation orders during the upcoming winter. Please be patient – the safety of residents is our main concern.

    A copy of the Watershed Emergency Response Team Evaluation CZU Lightning Complex is available here:

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