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Arthritis Foundation Event October 2

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    Bob, W6RES

    Just got this passed along from our friends in HMB:

    Message from Jim Christol:

    I am helping out with an Arthritis Foundation Bike event that will be held on Oct 2, 2016. The start is in Pescadero and there are currently 4 loops envisioned stretching from Gazos Creek and Hwy 1 in the south and Tunitas Creek and Skyline in the north. We are looking for communication support from the HAM radio community so if that is something that your group would be interested in please let me know.

    Thanks in advance,

    Jim Christol
    408 515-5947

    Bob, W6RES

    More information from Jim about the event below. Sounds like we could use 8-10 volunteers located at three rest stops and the start/finish line. Given the spread of the sites, might it require more than HTs on the repeater.

    This is about two weeks after the HMB Marathon, and sounds like a pretty straightforward event for us, modulo coverage issues.

    They’d appreciate getting a handle on whether we want to be in the game on this fairly soon; if we go in, HMB should be able to bring a few folks along as well. I think I’d be up for it. Anyone else interested?


    First let me include a link to the event and a rough go at the routes,

    There are 4 routes from about 17 miles to 62. The start/finish location is Phipps Ranch with 3 rest stops, one at Gazos Creek & Hwy 1, Tunitas Creek & Hwy 35 and La Honda. So probably 4 locations in communication. You probably know what the coverage is for the repeaters in the area or more importantly the died spots and may have some input on locations. Other than the start/finish location things aren’t cast in concrete yet so with your input we could modify the specific locations if need be.

    As far as the what, I think general information and status coming back to net control at the start/finish with regard to issues or problems at the rest stops, the status of the riders and coordinating the closing down of the rest stop after the last rider is through. If there is an injury or other emergency getting the correct agency contacted and the status disseminated to the event staff.

    I am sure you will have other questions so when it is convenient we can set up a conference call with Patt the event director to discuss in more detail.

    Mary, AF6IE

    I would like to remind everyone that the board previously made a decision that radio support for bike races should be done by members as individuals; the club will not participate as a group. (This was prompted by concerns for safety issues/liability which, of course, are beyond our control.) Sooo..should a member choose to participate, they should make it clear to the organizers that they are helping out as an individual, not as a club member.

    Of course, I am not a current member of the board, so if the pollicy has changed, I will stand corrected.


    I can’t find in any of the messages the TIME for the event. Anyone know?

    Bob, W6RES

    Curiously enough, there are no times on the web page I posted the link for. I guess they’re not that far along in their planning, but given that one of the legs is over 70 miles long, my guess would be that it’s pretty much an all-day affair.

    I noted to Christol that the close proximity of their event to the HMB Marathon might make finding volunteers a challenge; he noted in return that if enough volunteers were available, they’d like a radio operator in each of the sag wagons as well. Well, he can hope. 🙂

    This is not a club-sponsored event; however, it should be a good exercise in real-world communication work, a notch or two above participating in the Monday evening net. I’m interested in it ’cause sitting in a booth looking at the donkey all day in Pescadero so we can talk to the three people who stop by the booth (one idly curious in what we do, one drunk, one wanting to rave on about random stuff) is just a little too challenging for me. 😉


    Sign me up Bob.

    Jack, KK6MLA

    I’m in. Will need tutoring on job description. May even have my General by then.

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    Bob, you can sign me up……..

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    Bob, you can sign me up……..

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