All Hams On Deck!

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    Even though our official start time for Operations/Field Day begins at 11am, we are in need of extra hands well before that. Due to the complex array of antennas being built/used this year, and having the mobile tower,
    we will need to raise 4 antennas tomorrow, set up the GOTA station, and then do a radio check. The AMAZING set up crew from today ( Neil, Mike, Jeneen, Jennie, Rags, Pat and Peggy) has agreed to arrive at 7:30am tomorrow morning to get the rest of our set ups completed. We really could use any extra help you can offer – 7:30am – tomorrow at the meadow. A HUGE thanks to all who survived the heat and kept on keeping on today. A special thanks to Paul Gurries who drove straight from his night job to La Honda at 7:30 this morning, towed the tower and horse trailer down to the field and meadow. and then went home to sleep because he is working tonight. Field Day doesn’t happen without this kind of heart and soul, so come on down and be a part of what makes this all happen!
    Linda – W6LJB

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