All Hams On Deck – La Honda Fire Brigade Project!

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    The Fire Brigade needs our help the weekend of 3/28 and 3/29. The annual Cioppino dinner fund raiser for the department is on April 11th and we need to build 48 benches in order to avoid spending $75 each to rent them! While we usually “borrow” these benches from OVY, if we can, they are unavailable to us this year, and having our own benches just makes sense. You do NOT have to be a carpenter, only a good hearted volunteer eager to help us out.
    Tools Needed:
    Chop Saws, ratchet handle with short extension and 7/16 socket, small router, framing squares and clamps with 12″+ range. DRILLS!!!!!!!! Bits will be provided.
    Eye and ear protection.
    Joe Kral is the IC for this project and has built 2 benches which are behind the La Honda Fire Station if you would like to go by and take a look. He has made templates for production and assembly and taken pictures of each step. WE CAN DO THIS! because I know you, and I’ve seen you all at Field Day doing amazing things. We are starting March 28th – 1000 hours and again on Sunday, 3/29 at 1000 hours if we need to. There will be coffee and muffins in the morning, and I’m grilling burgers for lunch, for which Jeneen is making HOME MADE buns in our new stove.
    I’ll have a couple of cases of water available, but if you’d like to bring your own beverage, please do. Please let me know what tools you can bring and your availability –
    The benches and tables for Cioppino are as important as our antennas and radios for Field Day. With your help, the Fire Brigade will NEVER have to worry about furniture for the Cioppino ever again, as we purchased the necessary tables already.
    Even if you can only spend an hour or 2, you will be part of the most amazing project ever attempted by the Fire Brigade’s BoD.
    If we build it…..they will come! and won’t have to eat on the floor 🙂
    Linda – w6ljb – President LHVFB BoD

    Jack, KK6MLA

    Thanks for asking Linda, I have some of the tools you mentioned and time this week. When?

    Jack, KK6MLA

    Thanks for asking Linda, I have some of the tools you mentioned and time this week.

    Neil, W6VG

    I’ll be there Saturday. I have all tools except a router.


    Linda, I was planning on being there, but then remembered that Saturday, March 28 is the all-day CERT practice session. Already signed up for that. But, I will be there on Sunday if still needed.

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