7/13/2014 Corrections to Bylaws

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    Mary, AF6IE

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    NO, DON’T SCREAM! This is mostly directed to the board of directors who are required to deal with these boring bylaws. I have noticed, when trying to write my Bylaws for Dummies (or for Normal People) that there are still a lot of little errors in the bylaws and we, being such perfectionists, can’t allow that, so I once again slogged through the BLs. The result is the little blue notes on the side of the document indicating the proposed changes. I am asking the board to amend and restate (rewrite) the bylaws without the whole membership having to deal with it, but I am putting this on the general forum so that any member can put in their 2 cents.

    Just about all of these corrections are typos and errors but on page 31, you will notice a yellow note regarding changing the requirement of a written ballot for elections of officers and directors. Should the board feel that they want that requirement deleted (and I put it in because I heard some negative comments in that regard last November) we would have to have a vote of the membership becasue it effects your voting rights.

    So, if you are brave enough, feel free to do a Where’s Waldo thing and see if you can find more goofs or to make other comments. Otherwise BOARD MEMBERS, do read it….you can pretty much speed-read the blue notes…and let me know what you think.


    Even though I am not a voting member of the BoD, I like the option of ballots and my opinion is that we keep the bylaws written as they are with regard to that.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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