2021 Officer Board Election

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    It’s that time of year again. Your opportunity to elect the 2021 Board of Directors. You have from now until Nov. 20 (if by email) or Nov. 17 (if by mail) to vote. The slate of candidates are:

    President: Jeneen Sommers or Mike Pittaro
    Vice-President: Bob Mitton
    Treasurer: Peter Chupity or Neil Panton
    Secretary: Pat O’Coffey
    Members-at-Large: Angelo Dragone and Eva Knodt and Irma Mitton

    The proxy form and ballot have been uploaded to the library, along with candidate statements from: Mike, Jeneen, Peter, Neil, Pat, Angelo and Eva.

    As most of the candidates mention in their statements, with the pandemic this has been a challenging year. It has been a challenge to have an anonymous election as well. There are two ways to vote: (1) Send your proxy and ballot to me via email at I will see your e-mail address, but you have my promise that I will immediately separate the proxy from the ballot and that I will not reveal your vote to anyone. (2) Mail your proxy and vote to SC4ARC PO Box 237, La Honda. We will have someone who is NOT on the board pick up the mail from now until the due date of Nov. 20. That person will separate the proxy from the ballot and hand me the ballots. I will count and announce the results of the voting the evening of Nov. 20. A formal announcement of the results will be made by the president, or his designee, at our Nov. 21 zoom general meeting.

    Since some folks have had trouble receiving messages from the website, I will also be sending out all of this information to you via email. Please take the time to read the candidate’s statements and vote. It is important that all of us get heard. Thanks. If you have any questions, let me know. Pat


    I have read all the candidates statements. For those interested, interviews with 3 of the candidates, Neil Panton, Jeneen Sommers, and Mike Pittaro, will be airing today (Saturday) on KPDO 89.3fm, and streaming online at, from 1pm through 3pm. Mike’s interview was about the CZU fires, but is still pertinent. Jeneen has specific ideas about fulfilling the role of President, and Neil has specific ideas about a board position as Treasurer. Listen in before you vote.

    Tomorrow, those same interviews will air from 3pm through 5pm.

    I will work to get these in the archives at KPDO by Monday, under Coastside Conversations.

    Eva, KN6CZD

    Hi Catherine,

    Has the program schedule changed? Could you narrow down the times if these interviews are still on? Today or tomorrow.



    Eva, the schedule is different for today and tomorrow. Today, there will be 3 interview of candidates for the Board for SC4ARC:
    1pm Neil, 2pm Jeneen, 3pm Mike P. The interviews will be on tomorrow at 3pm, 4pm, and 5pm.

    Hopefully people can listen, either on air at KPDO 89.3fm, or if they don’t get the signal where they are, they can go online to and click the big ON Air button, and that should bring them to what is currently playing.

    Please let me know if you have any problems with it.


    Eva, KN6CZD

    Well i missed these. Perhaps they could be archived? Please consider…


    Here are links to the interviews:
    Mike Pittaro’s interview (50 minutes or so)
    Jeneen Sommers’ interview (35 minutes or so)
    Neil Panton’s interview (35 minutes or so)

    I hope Peter will let me interview him too. The big question this year seems to be how to involve the new members. What is interesting to me is how everybody seems to be on the same page. There aren’t big differences in goals, and just slightly different suggestions on how to achieve them. This is in regard to Neil and Jeneen. Mike and I were talking about the CZU wildfire response, not running for President, but he does talk about his role.

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