2019 Simplex Test (3 posts)

  • Profile picture of Jeneen, W6NCS (president) Jeneen, W6NCS (president) said 2 months ago:

    Me again.

    We’ve been talking about having another simplex test to see who can reach who if the repeaters are down. We decided that sometime in February would be good, once everyone has had time to recuperate from the holidays. We will be testing 440, 2m and 6m simplex. Mikey is in charge of organizing, but I want to get a date set so it will be on your calendars. The more people who participate, the more useful the test will be. I propose February 9th, at 9 am. If this date/time doesn’t work for you, please respond with a suggestion for another date/time in February and we can take a poll.

    We also want to do an HF NVIS test, and may want to do it on the same day after the UHF/VHF tests or another day, maybe later in the day hoping for better conditions. More on that later.

  • Profile picture of Mary, AF6IE Mary, AF6IE said 1 month, 4 weeks ago:

    2/9/19 looks good for me….but it’s still early to say.

  • Profile picture of Mike, KJ6VCP Mike, KJ6VCP said 11 hours, 44 minutes ago:

    I uploaded the slides from the Simplex overview to the library:


    We confirmed February 9th as the date. Instructions and registration details will follow later this week.