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2017 ARRL Field Day

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    Mike, KJ6VCP

    Mark your calendars! 2017 ARRL Field Day is June 24th-25th, and the club has decided to participate. We have about three months to prepare, so it’s time get cracking!

    You can read all about field day at, but the general idea is simple – we will be setting up some radios and antennas in a temporary capacity, to work as many stations as possible in 24 hours on any and all amateur bands (excluding the 60, 30, 17, and 12-meter bands.) We have an extra day (Friday) to set up before the event.

    Tentatively, we will be operating in Class 2A – two HF radios, off the power grid – with a third ‘Get on the air’ (GOTA) station available for supervised use by the general public. Location is still to be determined, and will be figured out as part of the planning process. If planning goes well, we will also have food and fun -:)

    Like previous years, we will be using ICS as our management framework for planning and execution. This system is pretty effective, and it’s also good practice for working with other agencies in real emergencies. You don’t need to know ICS to help out – this is a great opportunity to learn by doing.

    I have volunteered to be Incident Commander (IC), and will need some volunteers to help out with three key roles:

    Planning Section Chief
    Logistics Section Chief
    Operations Section Chief

    The Planning Chief is responsible for most of the advance planning – schedule, collecting requirements from all the other chiefs, and making sure we have the necessary resources and permits. We have decided to investigate alternative sites this year, so the planning chief will be coordinating that effort as well.

    The logistics chief is responsible for making sure everything we need is delivered to the site, setup, and torn down at the end. In addition to providing lights and power, logistics also makes sure we have water, food, and bathroom facilities, so be nice to the logistics chief.

    The operations chief is responsible for running things on field day and the setup day. This means making sure we have radio operators, keeping track of our scores and bonus points, and generally coordinating a very busy 24 hours.

    We won’t have a separate finance section or chief – our budget is small enough I will take that on with the club treasurer.

    All three Chiefs will be working together, and can also delegate to other volunteers as needed. In the past, we found that delegating to captains for food, power, each radio, and the antennas worked well, but that is up to the individual chiefs to decide.

    I will need volunteers quickly for the main roles – we would like to make progress on site selection before the next club meeting in April.


    Pat and I volunteered for logistics, but you mentioned you’d like me in planning. I’m happy to volunteer for planning chief and still work with Pat. We have 7 alternate locations to scope out for a possible change of venue and Pat and I can get that done.
    Linda w6ljb


    Mike, I will be happy to help but consider I never did this before.

    Jim, K6TPS


    Please put me on volunteer list for equipment (antenna) set up and tear down.


    Mike, KJ6VCP

    This is awesome – I have Linda as planning chief, and Pat as logistics chief. I still need an operations chief before mid-April.

    Angelo, Jim, we will find suitable roles for you as we ramp up planning.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    These are the maps from our last club meeting showing general overview of the field day site and a the planned layout.

    Nick, K6NBP

    I’ve taken that Friday off work and will be there for set up.

    If anyone’s able to do so, the event page could be updated with this year’s location:

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