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2016 Holiday Party – Friday, Dec. 9 @ 6pm

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    ‘Tis the season (already?). Our annual party will be at Will’s on Friday, Dec. 9th at 6pm. Many thanks to Will and Adda for hosting again this year! Please RSVP so we know how many people to prepare for, and please bring:

    1 Drinks (wine or nonalcoholic) to share.
    2 A white elephant gift – the worse the better.
    3 A potluck dish to share. Let me know what you plan to bring and I’ll keep this post updated with what’s on the menu:

    Hors ‘D’oeuvres: Cheryl (artichoke dip), Jeneen (sausages)
    Main Dish – Meat: Betsy & Kevin (turkey)
    Main Dish – Vegetarian: Bob (DKE)
    Side Dish – Starchy: Pat (fried rice), Mary (stuffing)
    Side Dish – Vegetably: Adda, Dorothy
    Salad: Jack (MLA), Margolies
    Bread: Jack (YJR)
    Dessert: Rob, Peggy, Peter, Jerry (fudge)


    I will bring a vegetarian side dish, like fried rice.

    Jack, KK6MLA

    I’ll bring a salad, green with varied surprises.
    Jack KK6MLA

    Peggy, KI6PGA

    I will bring a dessert.

    Neil, W6VG

    Neil and Mary plan to attend. We’ll update soon with our potluck dish.


    The party is next week, so for those who haven’t signed up for the potluck yet, please do. So far we have side dishes, salad, and dessert. We also need an approximate head count so we can be sure to set up enough chairs and tables. Thank you!

    Mary, AF6IE

    Mary will bring a turkey-stuffing cassarole

    Betsy, KK6WQY

    Kevin and Betsy are coming We are bringing 2 organic boneless turkey breasts warped in an organic bacon weave and of course yet another organic item…. Martinellis sparkling apple cider juice.


    I will be there with an excellent white elephant gift. I need to figure out what dish to bring, looks like vegetarian entree is not covered yet.

    Jack, WA6YJR



    I’ll be there. Lisa will not.

    I’ll bring a dessert.

    Betsy, KK6WQY

    Can someone email me directions to Will’s We live in Cuesta so we will take Pescadero to Alpine….. then what’s next again we can’t remember?

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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