2011 Field Day

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    Field Day is over, and once again we exceeded all previous years!

    • We submitted our highest score ever: 1880 points.
    • Despite poor propagation we had more CW contacts than ever (thank you, Art, W6VV!)
    • We had more visitors than ever.

    Thank you Laurie, for heading up the food committee, Linda for heading up the antenna erection committee, Will for staying late until the antennas actually worked, Craig for giving us shelter, all the volunteers who did all of the work on those committees, the radio operators, the loggers, and the rest of you who showed up and made this an amazing event.

    And now, here’s a picture from Dream Machines, last May

    "The Ladies of The Air Waves"Our own KI6PGD, KI6GWN and AF6IE helping out while having fun. Ham radio volunteers provide communications support at this special event benefiting the Coastside Adult Day Health Center. Our amateur radio licenses allow us to use radios and frequencies appropriate to the task with much greater range than MURS, FRS or GMRS service radios, and we have the ability to quickly deploy this gear almost anywhere. Club members also have the training to communicate effectively and efficiently, taking that burden from the event organizers and delivering messages where and when they are needed. It’s also lots of fun to hang around all the planes, cars and tractors!

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