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10m net

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    Nathaniel, KN6LGM

    Hi Everyone,

    I am starting a thread about a possible 10m net

    After the meeting, a few of us tested the feasibility of a 10m SSB net (within the tech sub-band). With the right equipment, and a simple dipole, it shows real promise as a simplex net–and could prove valuable if our repeaters get knockout in a major disaster.

    Some things to note: antenna polarization does make a big difference, so we will need to all be using the same polarization (probably horizontal). Also, the SSB is a specialized function typically found only in HF radios, as it is the primary HF voice mode. technician class operators don’t have access to the FM portion of the band, so SSB is probably the way to go.


    Neil, W6VG

    It was fun to test. After we do a little more testing and determine that 10m could work around our area, we could likely help build antennas and possibly find inexpensive radios to build or buy. It would be a good project, but I don’t think we should confuse people about our current emergency protocols. Everyone should be clear on which communication mode to use first, which to go to second, and so forth. 10m might fit into the plan at some point. – Neil

    Nathaniel, KN6LGM

    Thats a good point, we don’t want to cause confusion in an emergency.
    here is a link for a cheep’ish single band 10m radio–not sure how good it is, but it does SSB.

    Nathaniel, KN6LGM

    oops here is the link

    David, KM6DOV

    Clever little radio. I think they may have taken the CB metaphor a bit too far for a ham-focused device, but it looks like it has all the requisite functions. It’s great that a technician class operator can use this for SSB, then for 10m repeaters when they test up. Now I’m getting motivated to make a 10m dipole, until I can get the 80-10 fan up in the trees.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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