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    David, KM6DOV

    Hi all,

    For those who didn’t meet me at Field Day, my name is David McIntyre. I just moved to Loma Mar from San Jose where I was a member of the San Jose RACES club. I joined them in June, 2016 right after Field Day which was 2 days after I got my Technician ticket. I trained and drilled with them to become a Responder, which required taking a number of ICS, CERT, and RACES classes, swearing in as a Disaster Service Worker, and running weekly checkin nets. In addition, I worked some monthly hospital nets and completed county training in net control, message passing, and field operations. I also participated in county drills and a number of public service events such as art & wine festivals, parades, etc. I was activated for creek watch during the flooding this past winter. I served SJRACES as a board member, assisting the Computer Systems Manager where we set up a private WAN made up of highly directional wifi nodes and routers to act as a backup communications net in case of a city-wide comms blackout.

    I got my General ticket in September of 2016. I’m studying on and off for my Extra and learning Morse Code as time allows.

    My station consists of an Icom IC-7100 with an LDG-100Plus tuner, a G5RV antenna, an Ed Fong J-Pole for UHF/VHF, a KPC-3+ TNC, an MFJ-452 keyer, and a Kenwood TH-D74A HT. I also have a gimpy Leixen 858 mobile radio that works enough to talk on repeaters, but can’t be programmed on the fly.

    I look forward to meeting more of you and working some events. I’m available for emergency activations as needed.

    David – KM6DOV

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