Simulated Emergency Test Oct. 16

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    We will be holding a Simulated Emergency Test this coming October 16 instead of our regular monthly meeting.

    Each year the ARRL holds a nation wide SET in October involving members of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service® (ARES®), the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES), the ARRL National Traffic System (NTS) and other related groups that prepare for and respond to emergencies.

    On Saturday morning at 9:00 AM we will announce the exercise on the 146.730 MHz repeater, outline the scenario and take check ins from those who would like to participate. At 9:30 we will begin to set up a net control station, and at 10:00 net control will announce assignments and begin the exercise. The drill should be complete by about 11:30 and there will be a de-briefing session followed by a barbecue lunch.

    We ask that everyone particpating operate on battery power. We are emphasizing simplex operation during the drill, as well as the ability to read a map and give clear directions to given locations. GPS will not be required. You may be expected to pass complex messages. Participants should log their communications in written form. Bring a pad of paper.

    For a list of the simplex frequencies we use in this area, consult the inside front cover of your SC4ARES Field Guide; You should have these frequencies programmed into your radio. Remember that if the repeater becomes unavailable, you should use the output frequency in simplex mode. If you are unsure how to switch to simplex mode in the field, you should save the simplex frequency in memory for easy access when you need it.

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