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‘SC4ARES member must haves’ (possible meeting topic?)

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    Hey guys, I’m looking through page 5 of my SC4ARES book and making sure I have all of the required connectors and what not.


    So I was thinking, if an earthquake hits and we’re asked to come to the fire station, I wouldn’t really know what to do once I get there. I’d have to have someone show me where to start plugging stuff in and how to setup.


    Perhaps at a meeting (or after a meeting) we have a dry run of where everything is at the La Honda Fire Brigade and how to setup.


    That way (heavens forbid) when/if something happens and everyone is running around like crazy, we’re on top of our game and know exactly what to do to get up and running without needing someone to hold our hand through the process.



    Neil, W6VG

    Hi Jennie,


    Great idea for a technical topic. I’m thinking there’s not much at the fire station to learn just yet.  There’s an antenna, and a coax drop that I know of.  Ari mentioned recently that he wants to finish setting up a station for us in the training room (where we just met). Then we can learn the setup, and which connectors/adaptors we need to tie in there.


    On a related note, I’m eagerly anticipating the crank-up tower trailer coming on line this year.  We’ll need to learn how to transport, erect, and use this great asset as well. Besides the potential for a communications base at the Brigade, we’ll be able to set up and operate this remote station almost anywhere we can access. I believe we’re planning to use this tower for Field Day, so there may be great opportunities to work with, and formalize instructions for its use in the coming months.


    If I can help get stuff setup, let me know.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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