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    The SC4ARES planning team will be posting an IAP and ICS 205 Band Plan for the upcoming weather event tomorrow morning. If Chief Ari Delay activates the LHEOC, at the LH Fire Station, these are the protocols we wil use. We have practiced everything on the Band Plan and used the same protocols for our SET this year, for Portola Heights and our more local La Honda. Please make ready your go bags, radios and whatever else you might need for a 2 hour shift at the LHEOC.
    All Hams On Deck!
    Linda EC SC4ARES -W6LJB


    We gonna do a check in tomorrow night too?

    Bob, W6RES

    ICS 205 is up in the Library at

    Prepare to hunker down, y’all!



    If I want to just check in, what freq should we use? Clearly I wouldn’t want to ping the EOC.


    Never mind just got my answer via Linda/Mike on air. 🙂


    I’ve uploaded the transcribed communications log for La Honda DOC to the library.

    Paul, N1HEL

    It’s very impressive to see the actual communications log for the event posted on your website. Nice job! Perhaps we can aspire to this as we move forward in HMB.

    Sadly, my entire HF antenna farm was about 95% demolished by the storm–not one HF antenna survived what must have been 55-65 mph winds down here at sea level. It will take a while to rebuild, so I won’t be heard on the 40m Red Cross/ARES Net until then. 🙁

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    Sad to hear about the antennas, because you always have a clean signal. I was outside adding the “weighted bucket and pulley” setup to my 40m on Wednesday evening. It actually worked, and I only have minor antenna damage.

    Neil, W6VG

    Sorry to hear about your antennas, Paul. Hope you’re back up and transmitting soon!

    Neil, W6VG

    Thanks Peter, for posting the communications log. It’s informative to read after the fact, and realize how important it is to be clear in our written logs as well as our verbal communications. A few of my log entries could use clarification. As written, at least one is actually misleading! (reference to Peter, one of the fire brigade, taking over for Paul, acting chief).

    Paul, N1HEL

    Thanks for the sympathy, guys. I did a first close-up damage assessment this PM. My 43′ vertical ant actually appears too have survived in good shape and may be useable. The Spiderbeam, an elegant and performant structure that certainly gets out on 5 bands, unfortunately seems to be toast. A nearby 24″ cyprus seems to have snapped at its rotten base, and took the Spider and my NVIS G5RV down with it, shattering many of the Spider’s fiberglass frame sections like matchsticks. The snapped section of the push-up mast at the center of the G5RV may be replaceable, and the wire may be able to be raised again with minimum hassle. I am thinking of going with the Spider’s smaller cousin, a hex-beam, with which our friend Brian (K0DTJ) is a world-class expert. 🙂 Other suggestions gratefully accepted…


    Yeah; We’re keeping the logs more for the operator on the following shifts who will need to know about that traffic accident or the downed wires or instructions that came in during your shift. If you like I can insert clarification eg: that it was fire fighter Peter (making the edit clear to the reader.) I think that as long as the edits are clearly marked they are a good idea to include.

    Neil, W6VG

    Yes, Peter, we may as well correct it. Maybe the 2nd sentence should read “Paul will transfer Acting Chief to fire fighter Peter at 16:00h”. It may not matter for this event, but this sort of debrief or follow-up helps me remember things for next time, when another operator may well be trying to make sense of my notes from a previous shift!

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