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Red Cross NVIS Weekly Net

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    We’ve moved our weekly NVIS net with the Bay Area chapter of the American Red Cross to Saturday morning at 0800 local time.  The net will be held the first four Saturdays of each month.  I’ll keep my reports under this thread so if you aren’t interested in this topic you can go to the forum site and click the “”Mute this topic” button to stop receiving these emails.  I’ve also uploaded our first reception report for the new time.

    NVIS, Near Vertical Incidence Skywave, is a combination of hardware and propagation:  By beaming an HF signal nearly straight up at a frequency which reflects off of the ionosphere, we can communicate with stations up to several hundred miles away without the use of repeaters and which would normally be inside the “skip zone” for conventional DX style HF operation.

    NVIS antennas are normally fairly low, ideally about 10 to 20% of a wavelength above the ground, and so are easy to temporarily erect.  High power is not required.  This makes NVIS ideal for communications in rugged terrain like our coastal range where line-of-sight may not be available.  It’s also useful when disasters wipe out power and knock down towers making regional communications difficult. The goal of this net is to develop and practice communications for the greater Bay Area counties including Monterey and San Benito.


    Bob, W6RES

    I got to listen in on the net yesterday, and wasn’t clear on the signal rating system being used… so a little web research later, I’m clued in, and have uploaded two documents, one on the (deprecated) RST system, the other on the preferred CM system.  To further confuse things, the RST rating system’s “S” value is not the signal strength meter reading… but the S ratings associated with the CM system apparently are the signal strength meter reading, and are optional in any case.  🙂  The S values in Peter’s excellently visualized reception report are from the CM system.

    Paul, KJ6MPZ

    That was a great chart Peter.  I am sorry that I slid in at the last minute, got busy feeding everyone that morning, and then ran into the house..  I look forward to next week..


    Reception report for January 18, 2014.  Thanks to all who participated.

    Mike, KJ6VCP

    What frequencies are we using ?  I have 7230 Mhz in my notes – is that still current ?





    Reception report for January 25, 2014.  Thanks to all who participated.

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