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Coastside Tsunami Day Exercise


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    I’m posting this for Brian, K0DTJ

    Hi Folks,

    You are getting this message because you have expressed a willingness to support the tsunami drill this Wednesday. The plan is for us to meet at the CEOC at 9:00 AM. Some of us will depart about 9:30 AM for Branch 1 and Branch 2 locations to report on the status of the “tsunami”. There will be a net in each branch for those teams on the ground. The NCS operators for those nets will then report to the CEOC. The CEOC will also be in contact with San Mateo County OES over the hill from the
    CEOC. It is anticipated that the field teams will be released by 10:30 AM.

    You may find an ICS-205 and connectivity diagram in this month’s library folder. Each of the frequencies is annotated with the descriptor used in the Coastside Band Plan that is currently being implemented. If you have that band plan programmed in your radio, you are set to go. Otherwise, please ensure you have the frequencies that will be used in your radios. Note that some are repeaters and some are simplex.

    If you would like to volunteer to be one of the Branch (DOC) NCS stations please let me know. You will need two radios because you will need to be in touch with both the CEOC and your field teams. One higher
    power radio and good antenna is desired for this position.

    Be prepared to be outside for an hour or so including weather appropriate clothing, water, snacks and charged batteries.

    Please let me know if you have any questions. See you Wednesday!

    Brian, K0DTJ

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