Bylaws Article 3


(a) Each member, officer, and director of the corporation shall specify the means of communication of those notices required by these bylaws (hereafter, ‘means of notice’), whether it be by U.S. Postal mail, electronic mail, oral communication, wireless, or other means, and that member’s preferred means of notice shall be recorded in the corporation’s membership records. It shall be the responsibility of the member to communicate to the corporation’s secretary any change in their means of notice.
(b) Any reference in these bylaws to notice that must be sent or given as required by these bylaws, shall allow for notice to be given by the means of notice designated by the member, director or officer of the corporation as set forth in the corporation’s lists unless the means of notice is specifically restricted by law or these bylaws. In giving such notice, any person giving such notice on behalf of the corporation shall comply with the provisions of California Corporations Code Section 5611 as amended.


Any reference in these bylaws to the time a notice is given or sent means, unless otherwise expressly provided, any of the following:
(a) The time a written notice by mail is deposited in the United States mails, postage prepaid.
(b) The time any other written notice, including facsimile, telegram, or electronic mail message, is personally delivered to the recipient or is delivered to a common carrier for transmission, or actually transmitted by the person giving the notice by electronic means, to the recipient.
(c) The time any oral notice is communicated, in person or by telephone, including a voice messaging system or other system or technology designed to record and communicate messages, or wireless, to the recipient, including the recipient’s designated voice mailbox or address on the system, or to a person at the office of the recipient who the person giving the notice has reason to believe will promptly communicate it to the recipient.

[1] Should the designation of a state or federal law referenced in these bylaws change, then these bylaws are automatically changed to conform to the new designation.

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